Getting started with the Linux SDK (C++)

1. Adding Superpowered to your project

Download the SDK from here. We recommend copying the libSuperpoweredAudioLinux*.a files and the .h header files from the Superpowered directory to your project's directory.

When you compile your project, make sure to tell the location of the header files to your compiler and link the right .a library file for your architecture. For example, if you use gcc you can provide these parameters to it:

-I../Superpowered ../Superpowered/libSuperpoweredLinuxX86.a

2. Initializing Superpowered

Before you can start using Superpowered you need to initialize the library. Import the Superpowered.h header file and call the Superpowered::Initialize function.

#include "Superpowered.h"

is not supported here.