The following page contains some excerpts from the main website's licensing terms and conditions. Please visit for the full details.

In short, Superpowered must be licensed to use in publicly available applications

There are four types of licenses you can use with Superpowered SDKs

  1. Evaluation - Private, internal experimentation & testing only
  2. White Label - Launch in Public & Private App Stores
  3. SDK Vendors - Designed to Sublicense Superpowered into 3rd party SDKs
  4. Embedded Hardware - For OEM and Hardware Manufacturers

Pricing information can be found at

Evaluation key

To help you get off the ground with Superpowered SDKs and try it out before you commit to a license, you can use the following evaluation license key to activate the library on all platforms:


The Evaluation License is offered for internal, private experimentation and R&D purposes only and does not allow for public release. It supports a maximum of 1,000 app-installs (as determined by Superpowered analytics). Once an app breaches the 1,000 app-install mark, the Superpowered licensing system will disable usage.

Do NOT use this evaluation license key in any deployed products, it is likely to change and can be revoked at any point!

For avoidance of doubt, there is no longer a free license available that allows public release and all licensees regardless of the date of use must immediately switch to one of the three licenses listed above or discontinue use of Superpowered.

Unauthorized and/or unlicensed usage of the Superpowered SDKs or any other Superpowered technologies may result in interruption of service without notice, nor is Superpowered Inc. is required to provide notice of imminent discontinued service to those who are not in compliance with these Superpowered SDKs Master License requirements.

Purchasing licenses

Licenses must be purchased for each application you deploy, for each platform you intent to deploy on. You should register each platform as it's on application via the API Key Registration page.

If a platform is no longer required, then the registered application can be removed.

Using your license


Make sure you're being shown the correct language by toggling the language selector on the top right.

Once you have your license key, you should pass you license key in as a parameter to the Instantiate function in your main javascript thread, it is not required within the audioworklets.

const superpowered = await SuperpoweredGlue.Instantiate('ExampleLicenseKey-WillExpire-OnNextUpdate');

Once you have your license key, you should pass you license key in as a parameter to the Initialize function

#include "Superpowered.h"

You can find more information about the integrating Superpowered on the How to integrate page.

Any licensing questions should be directed to