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Getting started

We want to make your experience developing brilliant audio applications with Superpowered like a walk in the park. Below are guides which all pick up where the How to integrate guide wraps up.

How to integrate Superpowered

Get the Superpowered library loaded and producing a tone!

All of the guides below pick up where this guide ends.

Coding style

With Javascript, we'll be building vanilla ES6 applications, each available as a forkable project via CodeSandbox sandboxes. We'll be sticking to modern ES6 syntax and using transpilers to get the code running in the browsers. Superpowered does work in an ES5 style Javascript project (think prototypes and vars), but it's more likely you'll be writing your applications with modern tooling and deployment techniques.

If you've using Superpowered within a Javascript framework like React, Angular or Vue, you'll need to slightly adapt the code to fit within those programming design patterns. You can find boilerplate code for common Javascript frameworks here that will get you off the ground with Superpowered.

We've chosen to write the native Superpowered guides for MacOS in Objective-C using the UIKit component library. You'll need a Mac and Xcode to open the guide projects.

Don't have a Mac? You can find lots of other helpful code examples written for a range of platforms here. But don't worry. Most C++ example code around Superpowered is copy-paste between all platforms.


Mixing signals

Create two Superpowered Generators and sum (add) the two together with a Superpowered MonoMixer.

Controlling signals

Control properties of Superpowered MonoMixer externally.

Loading audio

Load external audio assets and playing them with the Superpowered Advanced Audio Player.

Capturing audio

Capture audio streams from the systems audio device.

Applying effects

Apply realtime effects in series to audio streams.

Audio Analysis

Acquire data from Superpowered Waveform to draw a peak volume meter.

Scheduling audio

Learn how to trigger notes using a Superpowered Generator.

You can find the example code for this guide and all the others in both JS and native in one repository over at Github.


Download the code examples for all the Superpowered guides in both Native and JS.

Looking for more code examples?

If you've read through the guide and are starting to understand how the library works, you can get started by using our multi-platform demonstration code:

If you need anymore help, you might find some useful information on our help page.